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Guided Affective Imagery – Guided Meditation

This is by far my favourite place to take you. Where? Don’t worry, we are going somewhere relaxing, where nobody is going to be able to reach you, where you are safe and protected, where you can just let it go and breathe deeply, calmly, until you decide to surrender to your serene and peaceful state and you finally close your eyes ready for an incredible journey.

Guided Affective Imagery is a very special technique – Guided Meditation if you prefer – and it helps you focus on mental images in order to awaken emotions, feeling completely relaxed whilst I work on your mind-body connection.

Did you know that it has been used for centuries as crucial of the healing process, emotional and physical? It is an ancient technique designed to emphasise the senses focusing specifically in one area of concern and imagining the desired outcome.

It is used to support active recovery, either emotional or physical and to remove stress using the breathing, loosen up the tension, getting you aware of your body and naturally calming your mind.

It is also very powerful to connect you with your deeper wisdom and higher self, both held on a subconscious level to better manage your life and your emotions, drastically reducing the levels of discomfort.

Yes, your imagination does miracles! And this is exactly what I do, I enhance that creative part of you that has been repressed for years reactivating the natural healing power of your mind.

How many times you have been told when you were a kid to stop daydreaming, to pay more attention to reality and put an end in being lost in thought? I bet nobody ever told you that we create our reality with the power of our imagination. We don’t just adjust to reality; we actively create it with the power of our brain. Life doesn’t just happen; you make it happen, with your thoughts, your intentions, your connection with your soul and your body, your actions, your decisions. The more you imagine the life you want, the more you visualise your outcome, the more you act on it, the more is going to transform into reality. Your imagination defines you.

Guided Affective Imagery effectively uses the connection between your nervous system and your visual cortex which impact your emotional state as well as your physiology and makes the changes on the deepest level.

Pretty cool, huh? Let me give you some practical example on how this technique could work for you:
it increases self-confidence and self-control, it helps to manage emotions effectively, it gives you a more optimistic view about the future, it helps you achieving your goals, it is an effective method to manage chronic pain, it teaches you how to relax and calm anxiety, it helps you to manage negative emotions in specific situations, it supports you in letting go of regrets and forgive yourself for past mistakes, it mentally enhances a particular skill to master it and it helps you to cope with changes. All this stimulating your imagination.

How does it work during the session? I discuss with you the initial goal, followed by creating an image that fits your outcome, values and view of life and after making sure you are completely relaxed and at ease, I start my storytelling.

If it is in your mind, it is real. Never tried this before and feeling you could be what you need? Then contact me right now to book your session or your 20 minutes FREE consultation.

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