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I see you are curious about hypnotherapy, lovely! This is one of my favourite techniques and I am so happy you are on this page right now! You might be looking into it for the first time or you might be browsing to find some casual information about it. Either way, let me give you an overview.

Did you know that most of our behaviour, habits and decisions are driven by our subconscious? And did you know that our subconscious makes up 90-95% of our brainpower? Impressive, isn’t it?
It is even more impressive how we go on every day thinking that we can control everything we do on a conscious level, which is only 5-10% of our brain.

Irrational fears, unsupportive habits, unhealthy behaviour, even addictions, are all coming from our subconscious.

Your brain works exactly like a software. Until you reprogram it, it is going to keep running the same old self-sabotaging program, setting you up for failure.

Hypnotherapy gets into your subconscious modifying negative assumptions, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging perceptions, empowering you to change your unconscious thoughts.

Never been hypnotised before? Well, this is actually incorrect. In fact, you go into hypnosis several times a day, every day.

How many times did you buy something because you remembered the advert? How many times do you get to work using the same route that becomes natural, a habit? Ever been emotional watching a movie or listening to a song? Did you ever find yourself staring at someone on the transport totally unaware without thinking about anything in particular? Yes, we naturally zoned out, it is how our brain works.

Hypnotherapy is absolutely safe and as a life coach, I make sure to use it in the most ethical and protected way (No, I am not going to make you bark like a dog or ask you to rob a bank for me!) to help you achieve your goal removing any obstacles on a deeper level.

“What can I expect from it?” You might ask.

Well, first of all, I take the time to learn from you about the negative behaviour or belief and its trigger pattern establishing the most effective way to remove the root cause. After deep understanding of your unconscious thinking, I intervene directly on the thought process. It sounds cool and liberating, doesn’t it?

During the session, you are going to be in a deep relaxing state which is going to leave you perfectly in control and receptive and you will be able to remember everything taking with you a renewed energy, your brain is going to slowly take in and incorporate the new suggestions.

There are a few things you need to know before thinking of booking a session in: first, you have to have the willingness of being hypnotised, it doesn’t happen if you don’t want to; second, you have to understand that it is going to take a few sessions to be effective – it is not a one-off thing (your brain cannot be reprogrammed overnight, be realistic!); third, you are not going to be sleeping during the sessions, you are going to be relaxed in a heightened learning state and fully aware of everything that is going on around you; last but not least, it is an amazing healing process for self-improvement and behaviour or thoughts modification but it is not meant to replace medical care.

Does it resonate with you? Then hypnotherapy might just be the amazing technique you need. Contact me to book your session or your 20 minutes FREE consultation.

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