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N.L.P. - Neuro-linguistic Programming

Does the name Neuro-Linguistic Programming sound way too scientific and almost scary to you? Don’t worry, you can call it NLP, it is a darling!

I could try and give you a definition, but I am afraid it wouldn’t be very useful; it is difficult to contain all its power in one single sentence. Instead, I am going to give you some examples and explain how it works.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and eaten something, getting sick a few hours later and never touched that food again because of this past experience?
Have you ever thought “My boyfriend doesn’t love me?” because when he is watching football he doesn’t listen to you or give you any attention?
Have you ever said the words “Nobody, everybody, never, always” referring to a situation?
Have you recently decided not to date “ever again” because of a bad relationship?
Have you ever noticed how your physiology impacts directly your state and how you relate to the world around you?

Here you go! These are just a few examples that give you the tiny idea of what this amazing science is about. In one word: the BRAIN.

What you think and feel doesn’t just happen; it is something that you do. More precisely, they are things that you decide to do, often caused by somebody else’s beliefs or comments made to you, for example by your parents or someone in your family saying “Stop being stupid!”, or your teachers at school saying “You will never amount for anything!” or your friends saying “You are fat!” or events that you have experienced in the past.

Let me break it down for you:
– the word Neuro is about the nervous system and it controls our physiology, our mental state, our emotions and how we define the reality around us using the 5 senses to gather information and create experiences.
– the word Linguistic is about the language we use to determine the reality we think we live in that establishes how we interact with others and how we talk to ourselves. Have you ever told yourself in an unpleasant way “I am so silly!”, and I bet that your physiology was following the words and that the awful feeling was right around the corner as well. What we say to ourselves, impacts directly the way we present ourselves to the word if you think you are silly, how do you think you are going to put yourself out there?
– the word Programming describes the behaviour we develop after having an experience and the meaning we assign to it. “I don’t want to date ever again” because of a couple of breakups means that you are letting specific experiences in a particular moment in the past to define your future.

I use NLP to understand your reality, the beliefs you have created from your previous experiences, the way you talk and you define yourself, your expectations and aspirations, to change completely that broken record in your head and shock your system for the greater good.

Powerful, right? Imagine being in a few weeks a completely different person, open to all opportunities and possibilities, with a physiology that screams satisfaction, full of kind and encouraging words for yourself and confident and optimistic when talking to others. I bet you can’t wait for this change. Think about what this would mean to you.

I provide you with practical techniques in which you can change how you think and approach your life in a more constructive way so you can take control of your mind, what it goes inside it and what it comes out of it.

If I managed to convince you and you think I am the right coach for you, contact me now to book your session or your 20 minutes FREE consultation.

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