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Time Line Techniques

Have you ever had an inappropriate emotional reaction? Have you ever burst of anger? Or had a big fear controlling you? Have you ever suffered from depression, anxiety or extreme sadness? Have you ever told yourself that you should have reacted differently in a particular situation? Have you ever made a decision based on a sense of guilt? Is your inability to control a certain emotion preventing you from having a normal life?

You might have stored experiences from the past letting them affect your present and the way you interact with the world. Everything we experience in life and the memories we associated it with, determines and impact how we live today stopping us, very often, from achieving the results we want.
You might feel trapped as you are totally unable to let negative emotions go, making them run your day.

We have all been there, we all have our demons. The good news is that we can show them the door, once for all! What if you could go back in time without revisiting the pain of that specific experience and come back to the present day without the heaviness of anger, of sadness, of fear, of hurt, of guilt, having what you want, living your life truly happy?

With Time Line Techniques we can do it! It works on your unconscious mind healing emotional traumas, eliminating unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviours in minutes rather than days, months or years. It is quick and pain-free!

You don’t need to be hypnotised or asleep to do so, you just need to be aware and let me help you to remove limiting decisions, discovering the root of the case, creating your future, activating your memories and your imagination. No more if, no more “I can’t”, no more regrets.

With these techniques, I help you to extract the learnings from whatever event or situation created your discomfort and letting go of any negative emotions attached to it, with grace and light heart-changing your state to a more positive and resourceful one.

Think about what removing anxiety could do to you, to your life, to your family, think about how it could affect your day to day, think about how believing that you are good enough, that you can have the job you want, that you are lovable, that you can be wealthy, is going to completely turn your existence upside down for the better. Think about how many possibilities removing depressions could open, how it could give you all the opportunities you always wanted, how could make you feel lively and energetic. No more darkness, no more loneliness, no more compromises. I can, I want, I do are the only verbs you will use.

You came to this world with the only purpose of being happy and fulfilled. Life is an amazing and adventurous ride, our mistakes and our experiences are supposed to be learning events, we are supposed to learn whatever lessons and move on with more wisdom. We are not supposed to suffer and let the past running our future.

Free yourself, be great, be amazing.

Does it feel to you it is something you could benefit from? Then contact me to book your session or your 20 minutes FREE consultation.

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